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Calderdale Assembly

Meetings of the Assembly involve a wide and inclusive list of stakeholders and take place twice a year in a conference style format.

Follow the link below for further details and to see copies of papers, presentations and Conference Reports for meetings of the Calderdale Assembly.

The most recent meeting of the Calderdale Assembly took place on Wednesday 11th December 2013.  The theme of this latest event was improving health.   A link to more information and to a note of the conference can be found by following the link below.

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Calderdale Wellbeing Strategy

Get involved in the delivery of the 10-year Joint Wellbeing Strategy.

The Joint Wellbeing Strategy was signed off by the Health and Wellbeing Board at its first meeting on 20th June 2013 having previously been approved the Shadow Board at it's meeting on 29th January 2013. Board Members wish to thank all those who contributed to the feedback received during the engagement exercise.Click here to see the strategy.

The Strategy has been endorsed by many partners and was approved by the Council in April 2013.

Click on the following link to confirm your support for the outcomes in Calderdale's first Wellbeing Strategy

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Performance Reward Grant Projects

Find out how the Performance Reward Grant projects are progressing.

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