5 reasons to visit Calderdale in 2018

January 9, 2018 John Law 0 Comments

There is a certain trend that really should not be. It’s about people constantly choosing foreign countries for holidays to their own. We get it, you want to see the world but wait, you haven’t even looked at your surroundings.

Which is why it makes us very proud being British. The majority of Brits do stay within their borders. And that’s great – there is so much to explore.

Like Calderdale. Here are 5 reasons why you must visit it in 2018

1. Calderdale is for everyone

In 2018, like every year, Calderdale will say out a carpet of various offers for residents and tourists and, just like every year we are sure no one is being left out. Just to give you a glimpse of what 2018 has in store – Tour de Yorkshire, Rushbearing Festival, Pirate Days in Summer, Halifax Agricultural Show.

Not to mention all the fairs, concerts and events that will be held throughout the year.

2. It’s stunning

So much in Calderdale is simply stunning. In fact, we are pretty certain that one of the very few drawbacks of this place is the lack of coastline. But as Britain mostly is coastline, the lack of it makes Calderdale somewhat unique, doesn’t it?

3. Historic

Technically, every place on earth has the same amount of history, the question is who has the best stories? What we can tell you is history fanatics home here often and in bulk. But not for the glorious knight stores. Calderdale has always been a place of the common, hard-working folk that popularized region for their fine cloth.

And while you’re here, even though you might already know the place, make sure not to miss the Shibden Hall and gardens in the Halifax. The place has 600 years worth of stories to tell.

4. Enormous Centre Vale Par

Wide and far, Centre Vale Park is a popular location for some of the most ambitious events in Yorkshire and the whole nation. It’s located just outside the Todmorden and has been a host for spectacular agricultultural, football, cricket and various other events. It’s an all-purpose park that even has an animal house.

5. Stoodley Pike

A place of calmness and history, Stoodley Pike is famous among locals. With a monument that has been rebuilt 3 times and an awe-inspiring horizon opening the whole of Calderdale to you, it is more than a 133-foot hill. It’s a monument that we hold very dear to our hearts.